Cure™ Anterior Lumbar Plate

Cure Lumbar Plate System

The CURE Anterior and Anterolateral Lumbar Plating System is an easy to use, plate and screw system designed by a group of tenured and experienced spine surgeons. It is available for various regions of the lumbar spine, including sacral fixation and lateral stabilization following interbody fusion.

  • Low profile system with smooth edges to reduce vascular tissue irritation
  • Patent pending, tactile locking mechanism for preventing screw back out
  • One screwdriver for bone screws and the locking cam to reduce instruments and steps in the procedure
  • Single tray that includes Talos®-A (HA) IBF instruments to streamline the number of sets in the OR
  • Pre-lordosed implants for lumbar and sacral anatomy
  • Two hole plate for lateral lumbar fixation
  • Fixed and Variable Screws in both self drilling and self tapping
  • Portion of proceeds are donated to CURE International
Device NameAnterior PlateSacral PlateLateral PlateBone Screws
CURE LP System1 level 30-45mm1 level 33-45mm1 level 27-37mm5.5 & 6.0mm